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It is our conviction to provide the lowest possible prices with the highest standard of support available.

Hariraj R.

excuse english. I developer php for american clients. small usd for good environment. problem with php module needed handled quick you installed it! many thanks
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Domain Name   .
$11.99 yr

Frustrated? Uncertain? Confused?

Has your experiences with other low priced hosting companies left you frustrated and tired of poor customer service? Have you felt like pulling your hair out because of horrible support? Are you uncertain or worried about using a hosting provider only charging a few dollars a month?

These are all concerns we take very seriously and strive to be the best host you have ever dealt with...

But Tell-You-Whatever-You-Want-To-Hear Hosting has Unlimited Everything...

We have been involved in the IT field for over 25 years, one way or another, and we are still looking for this infamous hard drive that can store unlimited information. The truth is, resources cost money. There is no such thing as truly unlimited shared hosting. These hosting companies reel you in with these promises, knowing you will violate a part of their terms of use - normally CPU or memory usage, and they will force you to upgrade to a package or virtual server costing three to five times more. The feeling of uncertainty and worried about relocating your files and site locks you into a package you may not need. It has been our experience this is the marketing strategy of many major hosting providers.

And what makes us so different?

We believe the average consumer is smart enough to make informed decisions about what they want and need for their site. Our packages list every resource with maximum values available. We do not oversell our servers and have no more than 100 clients per server. Compared to two major hosting companies which host between 500 and 1000 clients per shared hosting server, those numbers should explain the difference by themselves. We are honest, upfront, and actually care about our customers beyond the few dollars you'll spend to host with us.

Personal $1.25 / Month
 - 25,000 MB
 - 1
 - 1
 - 1
 - 5
 - PHP

 - 12,000
 - 15% for 30 seconds *
 - 5
 - 1000 MB
Professional $3.99 / Month
 - 75,000 MB
 - 5
 - 10
 - 10
 - 25
 - PHP

 - 150,000
 - 35% for 45 seconds *
 - 25
 - 10,000 MB
Enterprise $5.99 / Month
 - 125,000 MB
 - 10
 - 20
 - 25
 - 50
 - PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby

 - 350,000
 - 50% for 60 seconds *
 - 50
 - 25,000 MB

Insuring your site and files are secure is a priority for us.

We utilize up to date software to host your site securely. We monitor zero day Vulnerability sites for threats and update accordingly if need be. Directory restrictions along with our PHP branch executed under your client name, restricts other clients from accessing your files. We have knowledgeable programmers on staff and have services for hacker / compromised site recovery.

As a courtesy service we monitor our client's domain...

Thats right! A service that can cost you anywhere from 5 to 20 dollars a month is provided for free as a courtesy service for hosting with us. We will check your site availability every 15 minutes and alert you with an email if your site is unresponsive.

I want to start a blog or social site but don't know how to start!

Are you a newbie to site administration, or a seasoned professional who knows installation problems are time consuming? We utilize Installatron, which has over 120+ of the most used platforms to kickstart your online experience. Want a Joomla or Wordpress site? Click it. Install It. Done. Updates and Backups of your site are done seamlessly with this amazing tool.
** not available on "personal" plans.

Here is a complete listing of available applications.

Migrating your website couldn't be easier!

We offer an unprecedented migration option to move your website home to us, and if you ever outgrow us, to your new hosting provider**. THAT'S RIGHT! Our dedicated and knowledgeable support staff will migrate you whether you are coming or going. It's our conviction to be the best host you have ever dealt with, personal and caring about your needs and concerns. 'Enterprise' class hosting plans offer yet another AMAZING deal. Our support staff will migrate your site to us, then reconfigure it to operate using our database and directory structure**.

** Please read our terms of use, some restrictions apply.



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